Staffing Factoring

We are experts in helping our staffing factoring clients grow, fund payroll and prosper mvc 파일 다운로드.

Most staffing businesses don’t have a lot of fixed assets, like machinery or inventory. And most lenders don’t understand that one of your largest and most valuable assets is your Commercial Accounts Receivables [AR] or invoices that you have sent your clients for the time worked and billed 베리즈 다운로드. We do!

We are able to do what most banks wouldn’t even consider; use your Commercial AR or invoices as the only collateral for working capital you need to run and grow your staffing business Ma Young Exhibition. We can do this even if you are a “start up” or have had a recent history of less than a profitable performance.

You can use our funding to fund payroll, hire more employees or 1099 workers and grow feeling of not eating. Applying for our professional services takes only a couple of minutes, and we can usually fund your staffing business in a few days after we complete our due diligence process 캐드파워 다운로드. Unlike most other firms, we NEVER charge any application, set up, documentation or closing fees. Apply online securely for your no obligation proposal for our professional services today 디스크 지니어스 다운로드.

At Drake Finance, we recognize that excellence in any organization is never an accident. It is achieved only as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the consistent delivery of the highest standard of accounts receivables factoring services to clients Two-month download. Our focus on serving you will help ensure the success of your business. Our receivables factoring program is a tool that can take your firm to the next level 웹툰 금요일 다운로드. We look forward to helping you in the near future to expand your business in staffing. Contact us today in confidence to discuss how we can add you as another satisfied client at Drake Finance 조커 2019 다운로드.

Staffing Factoring Advantages

  • No Cost Application and Approval Process
  • No long term contract or minimum volume requirements
  • No monthly service fees
  • You remain in control, by having the freedom to pick and choose which client and invoices to factor
  • High Advance rate, usually 80%
  • Very competitive, simple to understand professional fee structure
  • 24 / 7 / 365 secure online tools to help you better manage your cash flow and business
  • NO personal guarantee required, just a validity guarantee
  • 14 years of experience in the staffing factoring industry with excellent client references Kaspersky for free.

Types of Staffing Companies We Factor

  • Clerical Staffing
  • Consulting Staffing
  • Government Staffing
  • Industrial Staffing
  • Information Technology Staffing
  • Janitorial Staffing
  • Light Industrial Staffing
  • Medical Staffing
  • Technology Staffing
  • Telecom Staffing

Invoice Factoring for U.S. Companies:

International Invoice Factoring
Accounts Receivable Factoring
Staffing Factoring
Government Invoice Factoring
Service Business Factoring
Manufacturing & Distribution Factoring

Need Working Capital

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Drake Finance provides U.S. companies nationwide with the liquidity they need to thrive in the business world. Whether it's funding domestic or international invoices, we can help! Fill out our form and a representative will get back to you within 1 business day.
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