Factoring Services for U.S. Companies

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Want to improve your cash flow with our foreign accounts receivable financing solution?

Factoring for U.S visualsvn 다운로드. Companies

Drake Finance provides U.S. companies nationwide with both domestic and international factoring services.

If your business needs working capital for payroll or invoice funding, you have come to the right place. We serve various industries including manufacturing, information technology, security guard, staffing, service businesses and government and can cover AR financing for both large and small companies 락아웃 다운로드. Regardless of your financing needs, Drake Finance is here to help!


Why Choose Us? It’s Simple!

  • Apply For Free
    No application fees and no obligations!
    Approvals can be made in 24 hours with funding received in just days.
  • Simple Application Process
    No hoops to jump through like traditional bank loans, and there is no cost or obligation to apply next Cacao video!
  • Competitive Rates
    We offer some of the most competitive pricing in cash flow financing regardless of the size of your company.
  • No Long-Term Contract
    You decide how long you need us to help you with cash flow.
    There’s no termination fee either no 1 linux 다운로드!
  • Full Service
    We provide more than just working capital.
    We provide services to help you better manage your cash flow.

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Do you want to grow and become competitive in overseas markets?

Applying with Drake is Fast, Free, and Simple!

With just one quick and easy step, a U.S. exporter can be on its way to acquiring working capital to help its business grow and thrive 디즈 파이널 아워스 다운로드. To get started, apply online or give us a call at (305) 854-0101.



What Makes Us Different?

Unlike traditional bank loans, we offer a variety of trade finance solutions to meet your specific needs 유플러스 모바일 tv 다운로드. Traditional banks take longer and require massive amounts of sensitive information before you can even be considered for financing. Their approval time can take weeks or even months. Our professionals have over 100 combined years of international trade finance experience and it is all we do.
At Drake Finance, you can be approved in a timely manner and receive your funds in just 2 days from the date you ship 가나슈 다운로드. We never have fees or any obligations for you to apply, and we offer some of the best pricing around. We are a private non-bank lender which allows us to move quickly unlike traditional banks that are subject to massive regulatory restraints and several committee approval processes.

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Would you like to get paid upon shipment when extending credit to international customers?

Serving Companies Nationwide since 2000

We have a proven, impeccable track record of success serving clients of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Here are just some of our very satisfied client comments and Client Survey results, check them out!

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