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Export Receivables Financing Program

Increasingly, United States exporters with credit-worthy international customers are using this export receivable financing program in order to obtain cash and liquidity upon shipment when extending credit terms to international customers 윈도우 putty 다운로드. While Drake Finance pays United States exporters up to 90% of the invoice total upon shipment, the foreign buyer is extended open account payment terms of up to 180 days.

Our export receivable financing program is perfect for United States manufacturers, exporters and distributors of products made in the United States. This program helps United States exporters meet two critical needs:

  • Protection against foreign buyer nonpayment
  • Immediate access to working capital


Drake Finance & the Export-Import Bank of the United States

Drake Finance is able to offer United States exporters export receivable financing when its foreign receivables are insured through the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Exim Bank), the official export credit agency of the United States Excel Inventory Management.

Exim Bank is not really a bank nor does it compete with private sector lenders. Rather, Exim Bank provides export financing products (export credit insurance and guarantees) that enable lenders like us to provide United States exporters with the financing they need to effectively compete in the global market.

Our staff is available to guide you through the process of obtaining export credit insurance from Exim Bank. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have a policy in place that will allow us to finance your United States export sales Download documents videos.

Call (305) 854-0101 to schedule your appointment today or submit your online inquiry here and we’ll be in touch within 1 business day.

How Export Finance Works

1. The United States exporter presents Drake Finance with a copy of the following:

  • Purchase Order from international customer to U.S. exporter
  • Invoice issued to international customer from U.S. exporter
  • Bill of Lading evidencing export shipment from transport company
  • Proof of export credit insurance premium payment from U.S mp3 to you shining today. exporter

Upon approval, Drake Finance will advance up to 90% of the United States exporter’s invoice to its international customer within 48 hours.

2. Once the international customer pays Drake Finance the invoice in full, we remit the remaining 10% minus our fees back to the United States exporter. It’s that simple!

Recap: The United States exporter was able to receive up to 90% of its payment for its export sale within 48 hours of Drake Finance processing its shipment documents movie Elephant. Meanwhile, its international customer was able to pay for its purchase over time.

Helpful Guides for United States Exporters

  • A Guide to Export Finance for United States Exporters illustrates how Drake Finance has streamlined the financing process to make it easy for United States exporters to make the most out of every export sale. Our video also highlights a few of the many advantages of using an export financing program, like ours.

Ahora en Español: Guía para la financiación de las exportaciónes

To download your copy, please click here heat.


Getting Started is Easy!

Take a moment to fill out our online application and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day. United States exporters are encouraged to submit the last 2 years of company-prepared financial statements to rlopez@drakefinance.com for immediate consideration. Approval for this program averages 15 days.

Contact us for more information or call (305) 854-0101 to speak with our Managing Principal and Board-Certified International Lawyer, Richard H 네버싱크 다운로드. Lopez, Esq. directly.

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With just one quick and easy step, a U.S. exporter can be on its way to acquiring working capital to help its business grow and thrive 인벤터 2017 다운로드. To get started, apply online or give us a call at (305) 854-0101.



What Makes Us Different?

Unlike traditional bank loans, we offer a variety of trade finance solutions to meet your specific needs. Traditional banks take longer and require massive amounts of sensitive information before you can even be considered for financing. Their approval time can take weeks or even months local files. Our professionals have over 100 combined years of international trade finance experience and it is all we do.
At Drake Finance, you can be approved in a timely manner and receive your funds in just 2 days from the date you ship. We never have fees or any obligations for you to apply, and we offer some of the best pricing around. We are a private non-bank lender which allows us to move quickly unlike traditional banks that are subject to massive regulatory restraints and several committee approval processes.

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