Accounts Receivable Invoice Factoring

Factoring is one of the oldest forms of business financing, factoring is the cash-management tool of choice for many companies 오피스 2013 다운로드.

At Drake Finance, you are more than just a “client.” No other company offers the personalized service that Drake Finance does. You’ll be a partner who will experience unsurpassed levels of speed and focused personal service 내귀에 캔디 다운로드.

Our innovative services let you choose the best option for your business – even as your needs evolve over time. Our aim is to make sure that all of your interactions with us are as easy and as simple as possible spring framework jar.

We deliver the most straightforward and transparent funding programs in the industry. This ensures that your experience with us is smooth and simple every step of the way Download Chrome Favorites.

At Drake Finance, we are here to serve you. We pride ourselves on making sure that all clients have a clear understanding of our application, approval and professional funding process 페도라 22 다운로드.

Cash Flow Process

The following step by step process illustrates how Drake Finance will work with your company to manage your Accounts Receivables, thus increasing your cash flow and working capital picassa photos. This provides capital and frees your company of the administrative task of invoicing and collecting receivables.

  • Your Company or Business receives an order from Client Co (your Customer or Client) for 10,000 units
  • Your Company or Business ships 10,000 units to Client Co Inc MujiWan download.
  • Your Company or Business Factors Original Invoice with Drake Finance
  • After verification, your Company or Business receives funds (advance) from Drake Finance
  • Client Co pays the invoice to Drake Finance
  • Drake Finance wires reserve funds to your Company or Business
  • The Funding Process repeats Itself for new accounts receivables for your Company or Business Monday is gone anded.

Funding Services Offered

  • Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
  • Working Capital Funding and Factoring
  • Relationship Size > $25,000 to $2,500,000 monthly, including participations with a proven network of financial partners
  • Geographic Preferences > United States
  • Collateral > Accounts Receivables, Inventory and Other Assets
  • Financial Performance > Companies with historical losses or deficit net worth considered
  • No minimum number of years in business requirement
  • FICO and extensive background check on principals required
  • Professional Fees > Competitively priced utilizing a 5-day pricing period
  • Up to 80% of eligible Accounts Receivables 로지텍 유니파잉 다운로드.

Funding in the following Industries

Communications, Consulting, Distribution, Government, Manufacturing, Service, Staffing, Telecommunications, Temporary Agencies, Transportation

Invoice Factoring for U.S in-design color swatch. Companies:

International Invoice Factoring
Accounts Receivable Factoring
Staffing Factoring
Government Invoice Factoring
Service Business Factoring
Manufacturing & Distribution Factoring

Need Working Capital

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