Breaking Borders Without Breaking the Bank

Breaking Borders without Breaking the Bank

Breaking Borders without Breaking the Bank is your official guide to short-term export finance for United States exporters from Drake Finance. This guide is ideal if you’re a U.S. manufacturer or if you’re an exporter of products made in the United States. Inside our guide you’ll find the tools and resources your company needs to make an informed decision when it comes to extending credit to international customers and how to structure your export credit transactions to your benefit and that of your customers.

Get Paid When You Export on Credit

When you extend 90-day credit terms to a customer in Latin America, does that mean you have to wait 90 days to get paid? With export finance from Drake Finance, you don’t have to wait 90 days to get paid! You can get paid up to 100% of the invoice amount to your customer within 24-hrs. of submitting export documents for review. There’s a better way to service your customers, grow your business and get paid when you ship on credit. Call us at (305) 854-0101 before your next shipment and learn how you can turn your export receivables into working capital your company can use now or contact us now here.

What’s Inside My Guide?

  • Tools and resources for U.S. manufacturers and exporters of products Made in the USA
  • Export finance eligibility requirements for U.S. exporters
  • Risk mitigation tools to use when extending credit terms to international customers
  • The power of export finance when it comes to company cash flow and sales
  • How to submit shipment documents for advances on export credit sales
  • How to pass on financing costs to customers in need of more time
  • and so much more!…

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